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Junk Removal Annandale, VA

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The strangers thing happened to me the other day. I received a phone call from a gentlemen living in Annandale, Virginia. It was so odd because the house he was calling about that he wanted some junk removed from was a house I lived in for 2 years  in the 6th and 7th grade. It was a home on Forest Glen Ct. My mom and I rented that home back in the day. I went out there and gave him a flat fee price. He knew exactly what he would owe once the job was completed. He was shocked that we were 30% less that the cheapest bid he received prior to calling us.

The gentlemen had just finishing demoing his Old Kitchen and wanted us to pick it up right away since his HOA was giving him a hard time about having all that junk in the yard. He had and old Refrigerator, Dishwasher, old kitchen cabinets, and flooring  outside piled up in his yard. 

We came with 3 guys and we completed the job in one hour and a half.  We made sure we picked up all the little debris off the ground so it looks like there was never any trash there.

Annandale is one of the spots in Northern Virginia I can pretty much get around without a GPS.  I always use to walk on Little River Tnpk, Gallows Rd, Heritage Rd, Hummer Rd. Sometimes  I would walk to the Middle school Edgar Allen Poe. Like all Northern Virginia you want to keep it junk free.  It is a beutiful place to live. We are always clearing out junk  in neighborhoods like Blakeview, Cedar Grove park,  Beauregard Heights Condominium,  Braddock Mews, Copica,  East Hillwood,  George Mason Forest,  Heritage Woods and Village just to mention a few.

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