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We just completed another job in Mclean VA right of Old Dominion Drive and Chain Bridge Rd.

The homeowner called us last week to come over and take a look at a deck he had taken all the deck boards out of. We rushed over there the same day and gave him a free quote. He already spoke with 2 of the biggest Junk removal companies in the area, while they were nice and what not there prices were not. We came in 30% lower than the lowest of the 2 he received.  We went there and hauled it all out in 3 hours.  Quite a few boards were 20 ft long, which is longer than our 16ft Truck.

We come with tools for situations like this and we cut them in half so they can fit. Since the homeowner wasn’t home we just left and Invoice and they will be mailing in the payment . Obviously since the work was all done outside the homeowner didn’t have to be home  and they can still go to work without taking a day off.

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We work all over the McLean and recently done jobs on Old Chesterbrook rd, Old Dominion Rd, Great Falls St, Dolley Madison Blvd, Westmoreland, Kirby, Balls Hill Rd just to name a few…

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