Mattress Disposal

Mattress Disposal

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If you have ever purchased a new mattress, then you know how difficult mattress disposal is. The old one is large, unwieldy and difficult to manage in the house, let alone once you get it outside, especially if it’s a huge king mattress. You can’t just leave that kind of junk on the curb where you leave all your garbage for removal, so what can you do?

You can recycle your old one by calling a mattress disposal company, such as Fair n Fast Junk Removal. We primarily serve the north of Virginia, especially places like Fairfax City, Sterling, Herndon, Reston, Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly and Centreville.

Most people hang on to their old mattresses for too long. It isn’t uncommon for one to lie on a bed for 20 years or more. By that time it’s definitely infested with dust mites, tiny microscopic creatures that can cause asthma, skin hives and other problems.

It isn’t a matter of cleanliness either. In just 10 years, the feces from millions of microscopic dust mites can double the weight of a mattress. Do you really want to sleep on something as disgusting as that every night? Sadly, millions of people do.

Mattress disposal should be carried out by an environmentally conscious company. It should not be dumped in the landfill and left to take up valuable space. Mattress recycling makes sense. It’s a complex item made up of many layers of different materials, along with special springs.

When you recycle, you help to keep the costs of a new one down to an affordable level. Of course, there’s an alternative to recycling your old mattress. We can donate it to where it’s needed most if it can be cleaned up and still has a usable life. The Fair n Fast mattress disposal service will take:

  • spring mattress
  • toddler mattress
  • baby mattress
  • twin mattress
  • queen mattress
  • king mattress
  • waterbed mattress

Fair n Fast Junk Removal can provide a same day service. We can also provide you with a full junk removal service, including basement, attic and garage cleanouts, furniture removal, office cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts and more.

It’s likely that you don’t like cleaning out spaces that have become overly cluttered. We do though. We can clean out your home so you don’t have to. Fair n Fast is an environmentally conscious company, so if we can recycle your old mattress, or any other kind of junk, we will remove and recycle, or donate to charitable organizations as appropriate.


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