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Do you Need Your Yard Debris Hauled Away?

Everyone with a back yard needs a yard debris clean up at least once a year, and probably more often through the year. Yard debris is stuff like leaves, grass clippings, small and large branches that have been pruned off trees, bush trimmings, old flowers, broken flower pots, cardboard boxes and more.

Fair n Fast Junk Removal are professional experts in yard debris clean up, offering a fast and efficient service in the Northern Virginia area. Our main area of operation covers Fairfax City, Sterling, Herndon, Reston, Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly and Centreville in Northern Virginia.

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Some items of yard debris can get quite large. Whole trees that have died and need disposal, for example, are not easy to manipulate. It is far better if they are cut up into lengths of no more than four feet, probably even less, before contacting us for disposal.

Debris such as leaves and grass clippings can be gathered into small piles and even put into plastic or paper bags, preferably biodegradable ones, for easy disposal. heavier yard debris, such as sand, soil and rocks, need to be separated, and if they are very heavy or large, it may be necessary to mention it beforehand.

Fair n Fast can cope with most debris, but a prior warning about especially heavy or large yard objects will speed up the process as we will be able to prepare better beforehand. We can do a yard debris clean up of the following items for you:


  • bush and shrub trimmings
  • limbs and branches pruned from trees
  • grass clippings from lawns
  • mulch piles
  • compost piles
  • sand piles
  • old flowers
  • broken earthenware flower pots
  • broken plastic flower pots, and more …

Much of items gathered in a yard debris clean up can be recycled in one way or another. A pile of leaves or grass clippings can be used to make compost, for example. Large pruned branches off trees can be used for firewood, and other items can have a use as recycled materials too. In fact, very little of the debris taken from a typical yard should go to waste.

Fair n Fast Junk Removal can rescue you from the back breaking work of cleaning up your yard. We can do all the heavy work for you, leaving your yard spotless and tidy, just like it should be. Don’t let yard debris get you down.

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