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Junk Removal Manassas, VA

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We just received a call from a homeowner in Manassas, Virginia.  The long time customer lives by Nokesville Rd and Godwin Drive. Minutes from Old Town Manassas. He was calling because he tore down an old deck . We went over there going down Rte 28 coming from Sterling to do the job.

How to complete a junk hauling Job in Manassas, Virginia.

We sorted thru all the wood, putting them together by size so we can transport the junk piles of wood to the truck. We also hammered any nails that were sticking out so we wouldn’t get cut or hurt. A few of the pieces were 20 ft long so we cut them in half. Our trucks are 16 ft long so the 20 ft pieces of deck boards wouldn’t fit.  After a few hours we had the job completed. We checked to make sure no lose nails were on the ground and then we left our customers home.  Since this was done during the weekday , our customer was at work. That is not a problem as we didn’t need access to go inside the home. Once we completed the job we emailed him and Invoice.


We have been helping homeowners clear out junk from their homes in Manassas since 2007. We have done everything from picking up single items like washers, dryers, refrigerator, etc…  to multiple truck loads from Hoarders.








If you  live in Manassas, Virginia and need to get junk removed from your property, We can Help.

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