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Fair N Fast Junk Removal received a call from a homeowner that was moving out and selling their home in Fairfax Virginia (minutes from Chain Bridge Rd and Main St) . They went thru all the stuff they were going to not need (A lot more then they realized) . We talked on the phone for a few minutes and decided it was best to go over there and give them an estimate. We went in there attic, basement and garage and in their backyard.  We gave them and estimate which included them not having to lift a finger and go in either of the locations mentioned, hauling it away to our truck, and disposing of it.

They were so excited because our estimate was 30% and 40% less than the companies that were there right before us to give them a bid. They were bigger companies which have franchise fees etc…. We’ll be nice and leave there name out if it.  We ended up hauling away old furniture, a few mattresses and box springs, old boxes with misc junk in them. They had a sectional sofa in the basement that has seen better days. In the yard they had a few piles of tree branches that had fallen from the storm earlier this year.

Fairfax Neighborhoods We Serve:

We have been working in Fairfax for about 5 years now and have services many neighborhood including some listed below:

Blakeview HOA, Cedar Grove Park HOA, Flint Hill Manor, Miller Heights Neighborhood, Carriage Park, Cedar Lakes, Mantua Citizens Association, and Villa Lee to name a few.  We have traveled up and down  Lee Hwy, Arlington Blvd (Rte 50) , Main St, Chain Bridge, and West Ox Rd.

We know the area really well.  If you need to get things out of your home for whatever reason we can help you.

Give us a Call at 703-444-5865 for a Free Estimate. Look Forward to Working with you.