Junk Removal Sterling VA


Junk Removal Sterling VA

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I moved to Sterling Virginia in the Summer of 2002. We receive many calls since I always drive around all the neighborhoods . Being that I live here, we are able to give really competitive pricing. I received a call from a couple in Countryside which had a basement full of junk and debris.  Unfortunately they rented the basement out to somebody who just skipped town on them. The guy that was renting the basement only  took his clothes.  He had and old ugly bed furniture set, mattress, box spring, old tube TV (which didn’t work) and a bunch of misc little trash all over the basement floor. I was able to get to his house from mine in about 7 minutes (Sterling Park). I spoke with couple and gave them a price for hauling all that junk out of there basement.  They said we were the first company out to take a look at that job and give them a free estimate. They had another company coming over the next day. They called me the next day and said WOW that company’s price quote was twice as much as yours. We were able to go out the same day and start hauling all that junk out of the basement.  Once we finished and they saw the condition the carpet was in, they wanted to know if we can rip it up and haul it away along with the padding.  So we also ripped out her old carpet and padding and hauled that away as well.

If you ever had any junk you need to get rid of in the Sterling VA, Give us a Call. We can come out the same day and take a look and give you a free quote.


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