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The main problem in getting new furniture (apart from the expense) is having a good furniture removal plan in place to deal with the old stuff. By far the best thing to do is to get a reliable removal company to remove unwanted items from your home or business. Fair n Fast is a professional junk removal service operating in the north Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC areas. We can satisfy all your junk removal needs.

A furniture removal operation needs to be coordinated, in the case of your home at least. You don’t want the furniture removal part to happen too early as you may have days or weeks with no furniture at all. Conversely, you don’t want the new furniture to arrive days or weeks before the junk removal company comes to haul the old stuff away, leaving you with a house full of furniture and no space to move in. We understand junk hauling, so let us coordinate the removal of your furniture for you.

It’s always sad to let go of old familiar items that have given you years of good service, but with Fair n Fast, much of your old furniture will get recycled or donated elsewhere, thereby continuing to provide good service to others. We are a leader in junk removal. We are familiar with home or business cleanouts, or appliance disposal. If you don’t want it or need it, we can haul it away for you. Our furniture removal service can easily deal with:

Fair n Fast can also coordinate furniture removal from an office or place of business. We can take away your old cubicles, desks and chairs, as well as old computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers and whatever else you might want removed. Office furniture, electronic waste and appliances are usually even easier to recycle or donate to other, often voluntary, organizations or individuals. We can provide a same day junk removal service. We can take your junk, donate and recycle as much of it as possible, and leave you without the clutter you don’t need.

If you need a same day service of rubbish removal or trash removal, as well as the removal of your unwanted furniture, we can do your home or business cleanouts efficiently and very competitively. We will donate and recycle as much of your old furniture as we can, and not just dump it all in the landfill, thereby caring for the environment. For a quick and easy quote, give us a call today at 703-444-5865!

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